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Don’t Give Up

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Almost every day I meet people who have given up on themselves, given up on their dreams and visions. In the course of my work, I see people who are just walking, working around hopelessly. They have resigned to fate, saying that whatever will be will be. Within them, they have resigned to hopelessness. People are busy on the outside, but most times they are like the rocking horse even though there are activities, yet there’s no significant progress.




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PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THIS!!! Let this TRANSFORM you not just inform you

I remember back when I was growing up with my parents, my dad usually tells me stories of solidarity, integrity, sacrificial friendship, and comradeship. He will tell me how he could travel and he will then ask his friends to look after his wife (my Mum) and children. Do you know the remarkable thing? Those men (his friends) will commit to this and look after his family. When

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