The Culture of Honour

Many people around the world really do not understand the culture of honor. Most young people in today’s world do not even want to hear about it. A lot of people believe they are sufficient by themselves. They have the “I can do it all by myself” attitude.
What’s the culture of honor? The culture of honor states that: there’s nothing new under the sun, whatever you need is in the hands of someone, whatever you want to become someone has already become it successfully, whatever you need to do or accomplish has already been done by someone… Hence the need to honor such people and learn from them ”

This is one of the greatest principles I have learned in life (The culture of honor). You see, it’s impossible to rise to the top all by yourself. You must honor those who have what you lack in order for what they have to be given or imparted to you! What do you desire to be or do? Look for someone who’s already a success in it and honorably learn from such person, it doesn’t matter if the person is younger than you… Humble yourself and learn! You wanna be a successful business person? A successful housewife? A successful entertainer? A successful career life? etc… Whatever it’s, simply locate those who are already successful, honor, serve and learn from them… My friend, this is the fastest route to success in any endeavor.

Cast down your pride, you only know as much as you have exposed yourself to, ask questions, be humble enough to admit your ignorance. The culture of honor will place you on a platform that would have taken you years to build. Become genuinely humble. Learn and learn again and again.

You’re the best.

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