PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THIS!!! Let this TRANSFORM you not just inform you

I remember back when I was growing up with my parents, my dad usually tells me stories of solidarity, integrity, sacrificial friendship, and comradeship. He will tell me how he could travel and he will then ask his friends to look after his wife (my Mum) and children. Do you know the remarkable thing? Those men (his friends) will commit to this and look after his family. When they go to the farm, they will bring something back for my mum and at night, they will stay long in our house just to look after our family.
How about women? I heard several stories from my mum about how women stood for each other, some even go as far as giving birth and handing it over to their friends who were unable to conceive.
Many more stories like this…

Hey… I know you’re wondering what this is all about… 🤔🤔

Look here! Back in those days, friendship meant something! Yes, it did. In those days, men were men. Their word was their bond. Most of the secret society and women groups were born out of solidarity and sacrificial friendship. In those days, when you say this person is my friend(someone you’ve brought into your inner life), it meant something. Of course, it had to mean something, because when you go to war and don’t come back, you can only rely on the goodwill of friends to take care of your family.

Now, this was how they treat each other back in those days according to my dad. Probably you heard some stories too along this line… Of course, it doesn’t mean that there were no issues of betrayer in those days.

Are you getting my drift? Oya, put your hand on your chin 🤔… Lol…

Now fast-forward to our digital generation, where are the true sacrificial friends? I dare say that 99% of our most devastating emotional problems and pains were caused by people we thought had our backs, people who said they were our friends. Remember those bad things that circulated everywhere about you, only to dig deep and found out it originated from the guy/lady you called your “friend”

Wait. Wait…

What the heck does friendship even mean these days? Yes! I am asking you.. What does it mean when you say he’s/she’s my friend?

I know friendship is at different levels, but I am talking about someone you’ve brought into your inner life to some degree…

OK… OK… Let’s take it personally.
What kind of friend are you? Look over your life, how many people have you caused emotional pains? How about that friend you betrayed? That friend you deliberately turn your back on him/her during difficult times? How much is your word worth? Oh, don’t ever think I am talking to someone else. I am talking to you! Because if we all keep our words to our friends, there will be no betrayer and emotional pains…

I will ask you again when you say this is my friend, how much is your word worth? How much help, encouragement, and inspiration have you invested in your friend’s life? Sometimes, it might just be your silent and secret prayers you can consistently offer to your friend.

Friendship is very expensive, don’t just rumble into people’s lives and messed them up. Don’t be the reason why someone is in depression. Have very few really close friends (I usually recommend not more than 4) and keep your word with them. There’s beauty in solidarity, comradeship, and mutual growth. Love people genuinely, especially your friends!

What kind of friend are you, have you been?

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