Don’t Give Up

Almost every day I meet people who have given up on themselves, given up on their dreams and visions. In the course of my work, I see people who are just walking, working around hopelessly. They have resigned to fate, saying that whatever will be will be. Within them, they have resigned to hopelessness. People are busy on the outside, but most times they are like the rocking horse even though there are activities, yet there’s no significant progress.

Why do people give up? Why do the majority of people resign to hopelessness? Most importantly, why do people give up on their dreams and visions of a successful tomorrow?
1. People give up when they are not making any significant progress in their lives.
2. People give up when they have failed tremendously several times over.
3. They give up when they feel nobody cares and loves them, they feel they are alone in whatever they are going through. Hence, they think their problems must be peculiar to them.
4. People give up because they feel life’s not fair. They think they are not getting what they deserve. They feel no matter how hard they try, life will never be fair to them.
5. People give up when they have missed and squandered great opportunities in life. Because of this, they live in regret every day.

The list goes on and on. You can add yours.

Now listen to me my dear friend: You gotta stand up on your feet. You have no business with hopelessness. You have got no right to give up, give down, give a side or give in. Hey!….look inward! There’s so much on your inside. No no no…you can’t throw in the towel. Wherever you are right now, whatever you are doing right now, dust yourself, Say to yourself: I AM A SURVIVAL. I AM A VICTOR. I AM A SUCCESS!!! Can you feel life? Can you feel hope rising inside? Begin to see a different picture. Let me help you? Yes I can and Yes I will:

See the success of that business, see the money coming in. See yourself traveling around the world fulfilling your dreams. See that marriage working. See yourself raising responsible children. See yourself at the zenith of that career. See the help you need coming to you. Whatever you want, right now close your eyes, begin to see. Begin to dream again. YOU CAN! YES, YOU WILL. The world is waiting.

The time is now not tomorrow. Start that business now. Take that bold step now. You say: what if I fail? Yes, you may fail, but please fail FORWARD. Learn from the failure and do it better again and again. You are not alone. That’s why you are reading this article. I challenge you to disappoint all those who said you can’t by the story of your success which will soon be written.

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