Why you should’t give up on YOU

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You’re unique. Believe it!

Your life experiences are unique to you. But, I guess you’ve heard “that there’s nothing new under the sun?” You’ve heard it many times, right? Yep….it’s true, nothing new under the sun.

But, it doesn’t still overwrite the fact that, every life experience you’ve faced is unique to you.

The way you feel when you’re totally broke, the way you feel when you’re homeless, heartbroken, hurt, and remember the way you felt when you were extremely hungry and there was no hope forthcoming?

You see my friend, nobody can feel your pain as you do! NOBODY!
How can they? After all, they’re not you! They can’t friend. So you see? You’re making a big mistake to think that they should understand what you’re going through. It’s total self-delusion to think that they should treat you “carefully” because of what you’re going through. Do you know what they’re thinking? They’re thinking “after all, you’re not the first person to go through such”

Hey! Still reading? Just hang in there!

Cut yourself some slack

So, they think, since you’re not the first or last to go through the things you’re going through, then, you don’t require any special treatment. Because of this, people can easily give up on you when they feel you’re not progressing as you should.

But you see, many people do not understand your battle, EVERY NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE YOU’RE GOING THROUGH IS NOT ALL YOUR FAULT!. No, my friend, it’s not ALL your fault! And even though, you’ve been told by motivational speakers that you’re 100% to blame for how your life is, it’s simply totally a lie.

Let me ask if you were born into a very poor home, is this your fault? But you’re told that to remain poor is your fault right? Yes true. But they forget that the battle to be a millionaire is tougher for the guy whose father is not a millionaire. You will definitely have to start from the scratch and work twice as hard and smart than your FATHER. Likewise, the battle to have a successful relationship or marriage is tougher for the lady who has been battered, raped by uncles or friend during growing up, and whose parents beat up each other in front of her when she was growing up.

A lot of factors beyond our control sometimes influences our lives both negatively and positively. Sometimes, we misjudged situations not because we’re stupid but because we trusted people and they turn back to mess up our lives.

It’s first all about you

You’re the only one who can really understand what you are going through and only you can fix it! The truth is, you’re the only one who can really feel the pain, the only one who knows the battle you inherited and the battle that came simply just by unavoidable association (like being born in Nigeria and you’ve never experienced constant 24 hours power supply. Is it your fault?)

Now, because of this, people will give up on you. People will get tired of you! People will not understand you. Many will despise you. I mean, very close pals that you think should understand you and be an encouragement in your trying times, unfortunately, they too will not understand your pains. You know what? TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THEM ALL

Take your eyes off them ALL! Focus on you. Believe in the power of your dream. Believe in your pains. Acknowledge the negative life experience that you’re in. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, that you will bring yourself out. You will achieve your dreams. Cut your mind off from anyone believing in you. Go through the pains, cry if you need to, be unapologetic! Run at your pace. But hold on to your dream! It’s only you who knows where you’re coming from.

Keep Pushing

My friend, nobody knows what you’ve been through like you do. Nobody feels the pains like you do. Most people only see your present battle, they don’t see the battles you’re coming from. So, they won’t understand you. They will judge you in their heart and conclude best on their own assessment. So, let go!

NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN YOU! Do as much as you can. Be in competition with your past. Run your race at your pace. And when anyone stops believing in you? Ignore and keep pushing.

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