Self Promotion: How to sell yourself even if you’re broke (Part 2)

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“Your most important sale in life is to sell yourself” — Maxwell Maltz

Modesty was once considered a trait of wise men, but when it comes to selling/marketing yourself, you can never be too modest. However vast and diverse, the modern business world centers around one simple principle: selling. And, in order to sell anything at all, you need to sell yourself first. You’re your number one and most important product. Selling yourself is never simple. But if you put to work the principles we have shared so far on this topic, I believe you’re on your way to letting the world see the greatest product ever:”YOU”

As a continuation of the last post (part 1), there are further principles to put to work:

  • Brand yourself

In this present digital and visual age, how you dress is how you’ll be addressed. You must build a strong brand. You must stamp your name in the mind of people. Everything about you must speak, your logo, how you dress, how you speak and many more other things. If you’re broke, you don’t necessarily have to look broke. Remember, you’re responsible for your face. The good news is; social media has made things easy regarding branding. Your social media platforms should become your advert platforms. Let your branding show your uniqueness. Remember, excellence is not expensive, excellence is attention to details. So, take the little that you have and brand it, make it attractive, blow your own trumpet if nobody will blow it for you!

  • Start selling

Everyone is selling something. The world is a market. What are you selling? Where’s your own product? Pause right now, let’s take a moment to reflect. Look at everything around you, from your clothes, cologne, shoes, bags, make-up kits, wristwatch, mobile phones, computers, to your house, chairs, TVs, Sound system, cars and everything else in your environment, I will bet, you bought 99% of these things. In other words, you’re consuming other people’s product. You’re a helpless consistent consumer/buyer of other people’s product. It means money is being taken away from you every day. So, let me ask you; where’s your own product? Who are your consumers/buyers? How are you ensuring that the money that’s going out from you is coming back?

You might say, you don’t have any product to sell, maybe you’re limited by money, but remember, you can start by marketing yourself, your skills, good character, and ideas. You can brand yourself and your abilities and put it out as a finished product.

  • No retreat, no surrender

Whatever happens, never give up or give in. You’re simply going to have to try again, maybe this time a little differently. So, what happens if you employ these principles and yet success seems not forthcoming? You simply stick with this last principle by not giving up In selling, you can’t give up just because a buyer turned down your product, you simply readjust and sell again. In the journey of success, those who give up are the permanent failures. In fact, one way you can know if you have a strong confidence in yourself is through your ability to never give up.

So, keep pushing yourself out there, do not let your unpleasant present circumstances define who you are, focus your attention on your potentials and skills, be a lion – fear nothing, brand yourself, start selling and remember, no retreat, no surrender. Never ever give up! This how to be a Giant on the mountain, this how to sell yourself even if you’re broke and most importantly, this is how to build self-confidence.

So, what are you going to do?


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