Overwhelmed and Stuck? Take these 3 Baby Steps

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Where exactly are you going?

We all take baby steps every day going somewhere. The problem seems to be where we are going. Most of the time a day goes by and we have taken a baby step in one direction…then the next day, we take a baby step in another direction.

That’s going nowhere fast. And that’s exactly how you got where you are today…one baby steps at a time. There’s an old saying, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail” and it is true. Therefore, you certainly need to know where you want to go before you can get there. So, you have to ask yourself, where exactly am I going? and until you can answer that question with accuracy and precision, you ain’t going to be able to navigate yourself to the right path.

The only place you will arrive at is “nowhere-city” without a plan…a well-thought-out, written-down-in-black-and- white plan….a roadmap to success.

Step 1. Decide what exactly is your long-term goal

The first baby step is to decide exactly what your long-term goal is…no maybes, ifs or ands. Write it down in one short sentence. “I want a successful online business”, “I want to be able to retire comfortably when I am sixty”, “I want to be able to send my kids to college” are some examples. Without your long-term goal, short-term goals become difficult to pin down and achieve.

Life is a marathon, not a relay, so, you must be into whatever you’re in for the long term. One major benefit of deciding your long-term goal is, that it helps you develop patience. I know, we all want everything NOW. But unfortunately, nobody is going to get everything NOW. If you’re currently overwhelmed and stuck, you’ll have to start with taking baby steps that will pull you out of inertial into motion.

Step 2. Map out how you will achieve your long-term goal

The next step is to map out the way that you can achieve that long-term goal…the baby steps it will take to get there…what you can do each day to just make it all happen. At this stage, you’re focused with incremental progress. Small wins are powerful. So, you concentrate on and celebrate small wins.

Your list might start with, “Make an appointment with a financial planner” or “Get information about starting an online business”. This list should start with where you are now and take you through to reaching your goal. You will need a lot of motivation to make a plan and stick to it for the long haul. Should I remind you that you’ll need a lot of self-discipline at this level?

Step 3. Take  Action


Now that you have your plan in your hands, start putting it into action…because, a plan without the action to back it up is just a useless piece of paper. So, take that first step the baby step to the next thing on your list. At this level, you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. You will have to shut down the TV and get out to the streets if you need to. But, you must take action. Get in motion, get unstuck and make things happen for you


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