How to Master your Emotions

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Emotional Mastery is the process of becoming aware of and learning to direct your emotional states – how you feel moment to moment – and using it to your advantage.

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” — Oscar Wilde.

You can be crippled by your emotions, or you can use them as a source for insight and action. In other to master your emotion, you can use these specific techniques I will be sharing with you to get better and better.

The Reality is that a lot of people are depressed, and negative emotions have held them captive.

Some of the Negative emotions people experience are:

Discomfort, fear, hurt, anger, guilt, frustration, inadequacy, worries, anxiety, disappointment, and many more

So, what are the simple techniques you can use to master your emotions?

  • Identify what you’re really feeling:

Notice and label the emotion. Know the reason why the emotion came up. What caused it? Separate the emotion from the situation that caused it. A technique to use here is to say what you’re feeling out loud. This will help you to realize that you’re not bound to your thoughts or the negative emotions that you might be feeling.

  • Appreciate your emotions:

This may be surprising, but it works. Use your emotions as a tool to learn. Appreciate the message your emotions pass to you. In doing this, you will learn to do things differently, so you don’t make the same mistakes repeatedly. Remember that no matter what emotion you are experiencing, it is there to serve you in some way; to teach you valuable lessons about yourself, your circumstance and about life in general. You must, therefore, be open to finding the necessary answers that will help you gain the insights required to overcome this emotional roadblock you are working through.

  • Reframe and replace:

What negative emotions do most times is to lure you to focus on negative things. But the right thing to do at this point is to redirect your focus to the positive things around, begin to look at the good that has happened to you in the past and then also focus on the possibilities of the future. So, through focus, you reframe and replace bad emotions with good ones.

Your thoughts, expectations, self-talk, and perceptions all work together to create the reality you experience daily. Moreover, they all come together and influence the emotions you experience at any moment in time.

You must, therefore, choose your thoughts consciously, and your self-talk wisely, and change your expectations of events and circumstances in positive ways — making them work for you rather than against you.

The types of seeds you plant in your mind grow throughout the day. For better or worse, they will influence your perceptions of reality. You must, therefore, choose seeds that will promote positive emotional growth to help you make the most of your day and the opportunities that are presented to you.

  • Work on the externals:

Start with your body. How you use your body, what you do with your body, and how you position your body has a significant impact on the emotions you experience throughout the day. So, exercise your body daily. Also, pay attention to your environment. Surround yourself with positive people and positive things.

Congratulations, I believe it been fun all the way. I believe these tips have helped you to master your emotions, which is a very big step in building self-confidence.

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