How To Invest In Your Emotional Bank Account (EBA)

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How Strong Are You?

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson

Life will punch you in the face. That’s certain. Some survived the punch, some never did. It could be the loss of a loved one, failed investment, divorce, heartbreak, betrayer, loss of a job or any catastrophic life experience. The question is: how strong are you?

Now hold on. Because I can almost immediately hear you say ‘oh I am strong’ but are you?


I remember when I was growing up, I used to believe that it’s only foolish men who get disturbed or even cry when they’re heartbroken or disappointed by their lover. Lol…

Fast forward to many years after, now I was a man already,  26-year-old, is that not a man?

A relationship that I had invested time, money, energy, commitment, I mean everything! It crashed. Yes, it crashed! It crashed! The love relationship crashed!

Boy! I can’t go into details, because it was the most terrible experience I’ve had to date, as a matter of fact, for several months I was in darkness, my heart went dark. Meanwhile, I would cry at any moment that I was alone, the tears were uncontrollable. I was devastated! went into depression! I was trapped in the sea of negative and unhealthy emotions of sadness, hurt, unforgiveness, hatred, and anger.

Hold on, Can you relate? Have you been there? Don’t say it’s nothing if you’ve never been there. Never say that!

First of all, how do you break free when life throws you such a damaging punch 👊? How do you make that wound to heal? Look around, there are just too many broken, bitter people around. You know why? Untreated wounds from life’s terrible punch. They look good on the outside, but deep inside, they’re messed up emotionally. Anger, anxiety, frustration, unforgiveness, fear, depression and emotional abuse are eating deeply into their heart.

So, let me ask you? Where do those who are sick emotionally go? How do you master your emotions and eliminate negative emotions and thoughts caused by life’s terrible punch 👊 in the face?

Your EBA

How much investment have you made in your Emotional Bank Account? What kind of deposit do you have there? How healthy are you emotionally? What will you do with your uncontrollable anger? How long will you allow anxiety and depression to keep eating deep in your life? How about the untreated emotional abuse that you’ve hidden within? Why not work with a coach/counselor?

Can you feel me? Lol. But for real, we all have to start paying attention to our emotional well-being, because, when life throws you a punch 👊 in the face, you will only be as strong as your emotional state.

Every emotion you generate transmit 4watt of power and transmit at 8 meters radius of you!

Invest In Your Emotional State

Emotions drive performance! Through positive thoughts and positive association, you can invest in your emotional state. Learn to resist negative vibes from negative people. The movies you watch should impact your emotions positively.

How else can you invest positively in your emotions?



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